DOminic Serrao

I started when I was 8 years old with Suzanne Henry. I earned a grade 2 in the CXC music in 2015. I earned the grade 7 theory in 2015. I earned my associates degree from BCC in 2018. I earned the grade 8 classical piano in 2019. I’ve received a reward from Notes of Praise for being the most outstanding piano student in the 2017-2018 school year. I’ve performed at the 2020 Classical Music Festival, St. James Parish Church’s Harvest Festival in February 2020 and have been teaching piano lessons for  3 years now. Learning music with DJ’S Music Studio is beneficial because it helps one multitask and concentrate better.

Weyzaro. J. Shepherd

Inspiration, discipline and life goals is what I truly believe helps a person believe in themselves. And I want to help everyone see that sometimes the goal you want may seem impossible to obtain so always have a plan B, but never forget about plan A. At the age of 8 I first heard a song that had a strange but beautiful instrument in it and I always wonder what it could be until I reached Secondary school and heard the same thing to fall in love with Steel Pan. From school I started teaching children from the age of 15 to 19 where I studied at The Barbados Community College where I achieved two bronze medals with the Hillaby Turners Hall Primary School. And once I did a solo performance and met the ambassadors for Brazil, Martinique, Guadalupe and China.